Bar/Bat Mitzvah photography pricing


Photovisions pricing is simple and straightforward.  Here are some important factors that you may want to consider when choosing a bar/bat mitzvah photographer:

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1) Style and Consistency – As you look through Steve’s work, you’ll see a consistency that is unique to Photovisions. To read more about our style, please click here.

2) Service – You can expect exceptional service.  You’ll get all your questions answered quickly, your orders delivered on time, and you’ll alway speak directly with Steve.

3) Post Production – Steve’s exclusively developed image production techniques give his work it’s original style.  He personally handles all post production including, image editing, Bar Mitzvah album layouts and retouching, This assures you quality and creativity throughout the  process.

4) No Upsell – Steve offers a variety of packages.  You can also customize any package to suit your needs.  A DVD of full-resolution, fully-post produced JPEGS is available.  All pricing is upfront and honest.  You’ll receive a pamphlet with all products and pricing so there are no surprises.

5) Equipment – Steve uses top-of-the-line equipment. He carries all the necessary equipment to produces quality images in any situation.

6) Backups – All images are backed up on site, taken into the studio and backed up twice and uploaded to an offsite location. There is backup camera equipment on all weddings as well.

7) Second Shooter – If you decide on a 2nd photographer,  you can be assured they are experienced  and friendly.  All 2nd shooter have been with Photovisions for many years.  

To find out more about pricing please check availability and fill out a contact form: